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Whether you are looking to improve your commute, get more exercise or expand your community – or perhaps all three – YOUNG ELECTRIC bikes truly offer something for everyone. YOUNG ELECTRIC was born with the mission to develop an unforgettable cycling experience which keeps you YOUNG. YOUNG ELECTRIC wants to inspire the world to escape the daily grind, get out and explore their communities each and every day — to live more active lives while experiencing new adventures, whether that’s a literal adventure on the trails or a metaphorical one to a happier, more active lifestyle. YOUNG ELECTRIC bicycles provide a safe, reliable and convenient way to embark on new adventures with loved ones and friends, stay active or just take you where you need to be. YOUNG ELECTRIC bike’s high-tech features all work together to make riding safer and simpler for people of all ages. The powerful integrated driving system, the combination of motor, top-tier torque sensor and controller, automatically recognizes your pedaling power and tells the motor how hard it should work, helps you tackle hills and inclines with ease, takes a break on flatter terrain to conserve your battery life and extend your journey, make you enjoy smoother, longer and relaxing rides. Our team of 40 engineers – many avid cyclists among them – looked at thousands of different e-bike designs and realized there was a need for a high-quality, environmentally-friendly, affordable and visually stunning bicycles that appealed to all kinds of cyclers — avid enthusiasts and first-timers alike. And so, YOUNG ELECTRIC was born. YOUNG ELECTRIC’s ultra-efficient manufacturing process allows us to create e-bikes with the latest and greatest technology, while keeping costs affordable for fellow cyclists — you won’t find a better value out there! With two great designs and many more in the works, it’s easy to find a YOUNG ELECTRIC bike that fits your style.

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