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At P1, precision isn't just a goal; it's a collective effort. When you choose Point One, you're not just partnering with a company – you're joining forces with a team of seasoned professionals. Our journey began with E.D. Industries, Inc., a stalwart in American made manufacturing with a legacy dating back to 1972. Located in Rogersville, Missouri, our facility has operated continuously, embodying a commitment to quality and innovation that drives us forward. ​ At P1, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in precision engineering. From our roots in traditional American craftsmanship to our embrace of cutting-edge technology, we stand at the forefront of the industry. At P1, precision isn't just a goal; it's a collective effort. Our team embodies the spirit of partnership at every stage of the manufacturing process. From inception to completion, we stand shoulder to shoulder, ensuring that every detail meets our exacting standards. ​ With care, dedication, and a shared passion for excellence, we tackle each challenge head-on. Every member brings their unique expertise to the table, contributing to our success through hard work and unwavering commitment. Founded on the belief that every detail matters, we understand that even the slightest deviation can make a monumental difference. That's why we're committed to delivering nothing short of perfection, with a relentless focus on achieving precision to the highest degree. ​ We recognize that our customers demand the utmost accuracy and reliability, and we go to great lengths to ensure that every product and service we provide reflects that standard. Whether it's through our meticulously crafted components or our unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the .1% difference that sets us apart.

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