It’s an adage which we have heard since we were kids crawling through our fathers’ garages. It is also the story of the LiftGator. The idea for the LiftGator came to be when the co-founder of LiftGator was working as a fabricator in Goleta, CA. He needed a way to load welders, generators, and air-compressors into his truck, but wasn’t willing to cut the truck apart and weld a permanent liftgate in place. He felt that there was a better way and began the development of a liftgate, which would fit in the truck’s hitch, being there only when he needed it. From humble beginnings, building LiftGators in a family barn, LiftGator has grown to be a premier manufacturer of hitch mounted liftgates. Today, LiftGators are manufactured in Watertown, SD, and sold throughout North America and Europe. Each unit is built by experienced fabricators from American made materials. High-quality product standards have always been a focus, guaranteeing each LiftGator will hold up to real-world abuse.

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